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Making your mind up!

In the forthcoming general election you may be finding the constant repetition of campaign slogans is making it difficult to decide which side to chose.  The nuts and bolts approach is stick to basics and so your first reaction to the following scenario may reveal where your unconscious sympathies lie.

Cast your mind back  to the days of sailing ships and you learn that a mutiny has taken place at sea.  Following news of the mutiny, before you know any of the facts, who is it your first instinct to blame:


Give the question a moment’s thought then continue to Random Thoughts and let’s see if it has helped to make up your mind.

Presentations are not Ego-trips.

I recently attended couple of short presentations and because the presenter was clearly new to the game, I won’t make a big issue of the self-indulgent mannerisms that detracted from what was otherwise a worthwhile experience.

However, it’s not a good idea to muse out loud, continually ask for a show of hands (for no apparent reason) or try to ingratiate yourself with the audience by the use of feeble jokes

What really drives me to write this post is that both presentations started well before the advertised time and that’s a massive No – No!

Click on The Training Charter to learn more about presentation techniques.

Rock and Scroll

There seems to be a commonly held belief that young people only enjoy the music created in their day.  In my day, I never enjoyed traditional folk music but there were three bands who instantly converted me to the then, contemporary form of folk-rock.

So if you are young today and looking for something beyond the charts, these same three bands may be just the music for you.

   Click and then scroll down on the page.

I’ve added some music and a poem!

If you’re into something a little bit different over Easter, there’s some great new music and poems in Connections and Wise Words.  Look for Nigel Kennedy’s version of Jimi Hendrix and a very touching poem by WH Davies, famous for writing “what is this life if full of care?”


The Grocer’s Apostrophe!

There’s a grammatical equivalent to Banksy in Bristol, using his ‘apostrophiser’ to correct this common error.

We need more characters like this!


Accidents Can’t Be Prevented!

Health & Safety legislation comes in for a lot of very unfair criticism mostly as a result of misunderstanding what the law requires. I’ve put a twist on a well-known safety slogan so as to catch your eye, so find out why Accidents Can’t Be Prevented!

Make New Connections!

There’s more to life than vocational training so I’ve created a page of links to things that interest me, that I call Connections.  I’ve largely tried to avoid the well know in the hope you’ll be introduced to some things you never knew before.  But there’s lots more out there, so if you have some things you’d like to share please let me know.


Massage Your Inner Geek!

It’s well known that you shouldn’t over-fill your kettle before boiling for obvious reasons.  Not so obvious is to top-up with cold water, while your kettle is still hot, ready for the next time.

Find out why!

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