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What makes an expert?

It seems that experts have had a bad press for quite a while.  Scroll down from Wise Words   and see what was being said at the end of the nineteenth century!

A wickedly hilarious send up of Donald Trump

Here’s a very nice change from the usual doom and gloom – a friendly plea from the Netherlands to Donald Trump.

Insightful, non-offensive and very funny, treat yourself to a belly-laugh and scroll down from

the Websites to President Trump.

Let’s All Go Shopping!

Gender stereotyping is still very common in the media.

Men are supposed to love sport and women are supposed to love shopping, so I’ve imagined what would happen to a fish out of his comfort zone.  Scroll down from Articles for a bit of fun!


I wonder how. . . ?

Following my recent posts (which address some serious issues) if you fancy something light-hearted, go to Handy Tips where I’ve added some additional interesting bits of information.

Inspirational Training

Most of us acknowledge inspirational teaching and films such as The Prime of Miss Brodie and Educating Rita brilliantly explore this idea.  Inspirational training also exists and yet receives little acknowledgement.  The Nuts and Bolts of Vocational Training and Assessment is dedicated to the vocational trainers who’ve inspired me so, Anne, Bill and Peter –  maybe  one day there’ll be a film made about what you do to inspire your learners!


The Television News

The discussion surrounding the coverage of news in the press and television continues.  The issues of how the news agencies play their role in our democratic processes, is beyond scope and I leave it to others to decide.

In scope, is the nuts and bolts approach to presentations the  Code of Practice for Television News  where you can how things are developing.


Following my last post there’s been a good response, so thanks to those who have shared their points of view.

What’s been said so far, is the belief that attempts to regulate television news plays into the terrorist’s hands and may lead to restriction of our civil liberties.  On the other hand there’s also concern that by giving undue coverage to terrorist atrocities, we equally play into their hands by disrupting our normal activities and encouraging copy-cat behaviour.

I’ve collected some of these misgivings into a  Code of Practice for Television News  where you can see what we’ve arrived at so far.


Following recent terrorist atrocities many viewers, who include journalists, feel much disquiet at the way news coverage is being shown on television.  It may be well-intentioned, yet the cumulative effect is not in tune with the way most of us deal with adversity and it’s time that we arrived at a more considered approach.

Without wishing to limit the spread of positive information, I’m suggesting that we decide on a code of practice for television presentations that will be similar in style to the Training Charter for vocational trainers.

My intention is to put a list together before next week and if you have any suggestions you would like to be included, please send me a direct message on Twitter.

Weightlessness in space!

It’s commonly believed that astronauts on the space station are weightless because of the absence of gravity, yet the pull of gravity on the space station is virtually the same as here on Earth.

In this YouTube clip, Dr Derek Muller gives a very clear and entertaining explanation of the real reasons why astronauts float in space.

Click on  Common Misconceptions to see other things that are often misunderstood.

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