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The Grocer’s Apostrophe!

There’s a grammatical equivalent to Banksy in Bristol, using his ‘apostrophiser’ to correct this common error.

We need more characters like this!


Accidents Can’t Be Prevented!

Health & Safety legislation comes in for a lot of very unfair criticism mostly as a result of misunderstanding what the law requires. I’ve put a twist on a well-known safety slogan so as to catch your eye, so find out why Accidents Can’t Be Prevented!

Make New Connections!

There’s more to life than vocational training so I’ve created a page of links to things that interest me, that I call Connections.  I’ve largely tried to avoid the well know in the hope you’ll be introduced to some things you never knew before.  But there’s lots more out there, so if you have some things you’d like to share please let me know.


Massage Your Inner Geek!

It’s well known that you shouldn’t over-fill your kettle before boiling for obvious reasons.  Not so obvious is to top-up with cold water, while your kettle is still hot, ready for the next time.

Find out why!

The Naked Vocational Trainer


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Featured post

As I Please

I’m kicking off my  ‘As I Please’  page with a handy tip.

A light hearted beginning to one of my favourite themes.  Things we are expected to know but are rarely told!

There will be more to follow.

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