The Naked Vocational Trainer



My Uncle Stan!

My Uncle Stan wrote a very readable and interesting account of his growing up in East London during the 1930s.  To find out more go to Websites  and scroll to Legacy Stories. 


A Word of Caution

I’ve often wondered why the American police caution includes the following words:

“You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

What! Can and will be used against me?  Suppose I say I’m innocent, how could that be used against me?

Click on  Random Thoughts  and scroll to ‘A Word of Caution’ for an interesting insight into the American justice system.

What makes an expert?

It seems that experts have had a bad press for quite a while.  Scroll down from Wise Words   and see what was being said at the end of the nineteenth century!

A wickedly hilarious send up of Donald Trump

Here’s a very nice change from the usual doom and gloom – a friendly plea from the Netherlands to Donald Trump.

Insightful, non-offensive and very funny, treat yourself to a belly-laugh and scroll down from

the Websites to President Trump.

Let’s All Go Shopping!

Gender stereotyping is still very common in the media.

Men are supposed to love sport and women are supposed to love shopping, so I’ve imagined what would happen to a fish out of his comfort zone.  Scroll down from Articles for a bit of fun!


I wonder how. . . ?

Following my recent posts (which address some serious issues) if you fancy something light-hearted, go to Handy Tips where I’ve added some additional interesting bits of information.

Inspirational Training

Most of us acknowledge inspirational teaching and films such as The Prime of Miss Brodie and Educating Rita brilliantly explore this idea.  Inspirational training also exists and yet receives little acknowledgement.  The Nuts and Bolts of Vocational Training and Assessment is dedicated to the vocational trainers who’ve inspired me so, Anne, Bill and Peter –  maybe  one day there’ll be a film made about what you do to inspire your learners!


Presentations are not Ego-trips.

I recently attended couple of short presentations and because the presenter was clearly new to the game, I won’t make a big issue of the self-indulgent mannerisms that detracted from what was otherwise a worthwhile experience.

However, it’s not a good idea to muse out loud, continually ask for a show of hands (for no apparent reason) or try to ingratiate yourself with the audience by the use of feeble jokes

What really drives me to write this post is that both presentations started well before the advertised time and that’s a massive No – No!

Click on The Training Charter to learn more about presentation techniques.

I’ve added some music and a poem!

If you’re into something a little bit different over Easter, there’s some great new music and poems in Connections and Wise Words.  Look for Nigel Kennedy’s version of Jimi Hendrix and a very touching poem by WH Davies, famous for writing “what is this life if full of care?”


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