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The discussion surrounding the coverage of news in the press and television continues.  The issues of how the news agencies play their role in our democratic processes, is beyond scope and I leave it to others to decide.

In scope, is the nuts and bolts approach to presentations the  Code of Practice for Television News  where you can how things are developing.


Following recent terrorist atrocities many viewers, who include journalists, feel much disquiet at the way news coverage is being shown on television.  It may be well-intentioned, yet the cumulative effect is not in tune with the way most of us deal with adversity and it’s time that we arrived at a more considered approach.

Without wishing to limit the spread of positive information, I’m suggesting that we decide on a code of practice for television presentations that will be similar in style to the Training Charter for vocational trainers.

My intention is to put a list together before next week and if you have any suggestions you would like to be included, please send me a direct message on Twitter.

Accidents Can’t Be Prevented!

Health & Safety legislation comes in for a lot of very unfair criticism mostly as a result of misunderstanding what the law requires. I’ve put a twist on a well-known safety slogan so as to catch your eye, so find out why Accidents Can’t Be Prevented!

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